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Covid at RED

No upcoming events at the moment

It is our desire that everyone is invited to our gatherings at Alexandra Elim Church. We've had to change the way we do things, but there is still a place for you.

Our Sunday Services will move online and will be 'live' at 10am on Facebook or Youtube. We are still able to meet in people's homes - why not invite someone around for brunch and have a great time together!

**Please note whilst Omicron is in our community, only the Prayer Meeting will run as a mid-week meeting,

It is important to gather if we can do so safely, so we will have 3 mid-week meetings. The details are below, please register each person if you are attending the Wednesday evening meeting so we can ensure we keep within the limit. We will add an RSVP to the Tuesday and Thursday meetings if numbers increase.  The Tuesday Prayer Meeting and Thursday 'Hour of Power' are held in Ngapara Street's K-T Lounge - we are limited to 20 people, with space for a 1m distance. Our Wednesday evening gathering will be in the auditorium with room for 25 people plus volunteers.

CHILDREN: It's important that our children also keep connected at this time. We will be hosted some get togethers for families in people's homes and will contact families directly regarding these. Fortnightly on a Wednesday, there will be kids church from 6.30 - 8pm in the K-T Lounge - this will be a similar format to our Sunday programme with Konnect HQ, music, games, and prayer. 

It is our hope that with these three gatherings you can get to at least one (you may wish to attend more!) If there are any reported covid cases in Alexandra, we may cancel meetings. Please remember to stay home if you are unwell and sign in using the tracer app. 

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