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Costings Report

A couple of weeks ago, we received the costings report back from the Quantity Surveyor. Let's face it ... we all knew it was going to be huge with the current building climate. It came back at 1.45m.

We are grateful for our architect and building team who analysed the report and found some discrepancies. We were also able to discuss as a team areas that could be cut and saved such as painting of the exterior walls ourselves. In also adding a safe contingency, we were able to finalise the cost of the Stage 1 build at 1.25m. We feel that this is a fair cost of the build and a figure that we can work towards in our fundraising and funding applications.

Our next steps are to meet with some building experts and our architect to go through the report and make a plan ... in the meantime, we continue to raise funds to make this dream a reality!

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