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Light Trail makes use of an empty auditorium

Alexandra Elim, along with other churches in Alexandra, has run the Alexandra Light Party and Light Trail for the past 9 years. Alex Elim Church coordinates the efforts using the facility for meetings/storage/hub.

This year, on 31st October, the facility was transformed into a jungle! This featured a Tarzan swing rope from the open rafters, a hay maze which the kids loved (and made quite a mess!), and pet goats 'grazing' in the unsealed carpark.

It dawned us that this will be the last year we can have fun by making a mess! Next year, with new ceiling, walls and carpet, we will need to be a bit tidier ... but I'm sure we will come up with something just as fun!

With 350 people through our facility, families enjoyed the obstacle course and it was a fun evening for all!

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