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Pre-loved Street Fundraiser

In November 2022 we embarked on our biggest fundraiser of the year, and turned our warehouse space into a street!

The street consisted of shops selling goods called 'Plant Fever', 'The Children's Shop', 'The Bakehouse', 'Handmade Goods', 'The Linen Cupboard', 'The Kitchen Place', 'Artsy Marketplace' and 'Forever Fashion'. There was also a Christmas Photo Booth, and live entertainment and 'street food' outstide. This took a huge effort from a large number of volunteers and we are so grateful to everyone who gave of their time.

We still had lots at the end so we held some 'post-event' sales selling some art work at a local Artisan Market event, and the kids selling the rest of the baking from the roadside.

In total, we brought in over $13,000. After some expenses and GST, we would have made a profit a little over $10,000 - a great effort! We are so thankful to the team, plus businesses around Alexandra and further afield who donated and helped with our event.

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