One of our core values is family. We believe that we are called to love God and love each other deeply. Our ability to be transformed and to transform culture is linked to our willingness to invest in one another's lives.


We have a variety of midweek groups that prioritise connection. These include life groups, prayer meetings and worship team gatherings. We encourage everyone to be part of a group.


Our Sunday morning services are a celebration of the goodness of God. The services include passionate worship, family celebrations and a message. Our gatherings are marked by a tangible sense of God’s presence.

We also run a full Powerzone Kid’s progamme and Sparkz Creche to see our kids grow in the things of God and have heaps of fun along the way. Why not join us this Sunday?!



Alexandra Elim has a growing group of young people involved in church life. Currently, we take our youth to 'Youth in the Wild', Cromwell each Friday night. Contact us for pick-up details and check out their facebook page here:

15 Ngapara Street, Alexandra 9320